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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Girls Officially have Names

Dog #2 or the sweet girl with the prick ears came to us with the nickname 3Penny. Not sure why 3 but since she was nicknamed by her rescuer Yvette from TG it seems only fitting to keep her name as Penny. Our other little girl, girl #15 or nicknamed Momma Dog by her guardian angel Stan has been renamed Willow by Lisa who was kind enough to donate a huge bag of kibble for the girls and picked up two more big bags that she had Spuddy's in Maple Ridge donate.

Lisa had the opportunity to meet "Willow" last night. Willow was happy to say Hi to her doberman Daisy but was a little to leary still to say Hi to Lisa. Lisa named her Willow because:

My first impression and the first name that came to mind was “Willow”. She is slender and graceful like a young sapling . .

The girls continue to settle in. Penny is still a Mexican Jumping Bean and can not be out in the yard off leash. She would be fine in a yard with a 6 foot fence but our fence is not 6 feet all the way around and she will jump it. Both are doing very well in their crates and neither have had one accident in the house. Both are walking fairly well on leash especially Willow who has spent next to know time ever on a leash or in a house. Penny had some time up at TG in the house and on a leash. These two girls are super sweet and loving. They would love to find a family with another dog or lots of time to spend with them. They are both very eager to please and would benefit and love to attend obedience. Penny would love a family who would be interested in trying their hand at agility!!!!

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