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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Greyhound and Husky X's Need Foster Homes

These dogs are currently with Turtle Garden's rescue. There are to many dogs for one rescue group to be asked to care for. We would like to help out anyway we can. We would like to take some of the dogs and transfer them to Without Borders. To do this though we will need foster homes. Although these babies are not boxers please consider opening up your homes and your hearts to a rescue in need! If you are not able to foster but would be willing to donate to help with the large bills Turtle Garden's has before them please visit their website:

The dogs that have been assessed so far are doing very well. They are good with other dogs, are asking to go out to go potty, are in good health although need to put on weight. They are all warming up nicely and learning to walk on leashes etc.

This is from Turtle Garden's Website:

Sometimes life’s road curves away from reality and takes the person down a dangerous path. So it did for this person in the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako. The exact location doesn’t matter for this story because it ends at Turtle Gardens. A few weeks ago we received a call from the Court bailiff looking for a safe haven for dogs on a seized property. He didn’t know how many or what breed they were. Could we help? I answered to please call the SPCA as they have the funding and facilities to take in multiple dogs. But that we would help if need be. Famous last words!!
Monday he called back that there was no one else to help the dogs and that they were sled dogs possibly as many as 30. Could we help? Otherwise it was a bullet. I said yes and prayed silently and fervently that the resources to do this would fall into place. That we would have the money for the gas to pick them up. That we would have extra help. That there wouldn’t be too many. That they would be in good shape. That the money for speuters, vaccinations and vet care would be there when we needed it. And the biggest prayer of all - that they be mentally stable and adoptable.
Two days ago he called to give me the address and he still did not know the condition of the dogs but the owner was in hospital. Alarm bells went off in my head and I told him Dave and Stan would be there.

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