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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rutgers Update (Sept WBBR/BRLA run)

Hi Chantelle,

We want to rename Rutgers, it doesn't quite flow and he doesnt respond to it when we call him that. For now we will say Rutgers in the email. as it feels kinda strange and confusing.  Its still up in the air what the name will be. My son would like Rex, I like Mr. Magoo (you would agree if you had seen him bumping around into everything with his cone on lol) and Ian wants something like Rover or Brewster. We might have to draw from a hat LOL

He is doing SO well! Tess & Rutgers absolutely adore one another! They play and snuggles and it really looks like Tess understands that we brought him in for her. Im not sure how the dogs actually process thoughts or emotions but she sure looks at us with extra happiness since Rutgers arrived :) Rutgers seems to really love us humans too. I swear that rescue dogs just Know that we want them and love them. I know it will take awhile longer for him to settle in fully but Im sure it will happen quickly if we go by how excellent it has been going so far. We sit back and watch them in total awe and feel so blessed that they have bonded so well and so quickly. Ian and I are just SO happy Chantelle! Thank you!  So far no scuffles with them and we monitor when they are eating to make sure there are no fights. We dont think Rutgers needs that right now as he is healing and adjusting. They share toys happily too! We bought them one of those long tug ropes and they play with it a lot. They sleep beside each other and we are seeking a beanbag or something tough that they can easily share. 

Food wise, he has a voracious appetite! Wow! hehe, he eats the same food as Tess (the salmon/oat by Go!). I give him double the daily amount in hope that it will help him lay down some good weight and I add in rice & hamburg to his nighttime meal, he eats twice a day. I heard about doggie vitamins and thinking he needs those as he is so emaciated. Do you have any suggestions or advice? I had heard of someone giving their dog oatmeal as per her vets instructions (a small toy dog that couldnt keep food down and was young pup that was loosing far too much weight) but Ive just done the rice & hamburg. Oh and he also loves watermelon. He is peeing ok and having lots of bowel movements that go from a bit runny to regular, so that seems a good sign. His left eye was quite bloodshot when we got him and I suspected because of a bit of a fever and the infection. Its clearing up nicely, not as red and he sure had a lot more energy today, zipping all over the yard with Tess. He doesn't quite get it though when Tess is trying to get the shadows or lights...he rushes over to 'get them' to but then doesnt 'see' anything and sniffs the floor or wall. I find that quite interesting that Tess see's them and he doesnt. I wonder if he will learn to see what she sees?  Oh and they walk nicely together and he doesnt like the haltie lol Tess has been proudly showing him the 'hood :)

It doesnt appear that he has ever had training, unless maybe in another language?  He doesnt know how to sit or down or off etc. He is so sweet though and we are looking forward to starting training with Sit Happens. We need to get the collars etc. quick from Jeff.  Ian and I feel a little more excited to go when we will each have our own dog to participate with. Tess has really come into her own and is doing great with her training. Im really hoping we go into agility classes but first have to get in the habit of coming to class. I train Tess all the time but Ian needs more hands on in the class and we need help with Rutgers, do it right :)

About Rutgers infection:  Does he need a check up, take stitches out etc? Also, they didnt include his immuniziation tags...Do we need those for getting his license or is the paperwork enough? Not sure what to do.

Ahhh wow! that was longer than I thought! lol We are just so excited and things are going really well :)

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