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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Han Solo (BRLA's Hercules) Update (Sept WBBR/BRLA run)

Well I finally had time to load up some of the pictures.  Han is having a good old time here.  He finally figured out how to jump up on the bed (as you will see) ...... guess I better get that King size bed soon.  So much for my sleep ins! :)  Han loves wrestling with Luke.  They go crazy and play all the time.  Leia just thinks boys are stupid and doesn't want to get her hair messy!  (typical girl).....she will warm up to him though.  It always takes a bit of time for her.  I bought Han & Leia Easy Walk Harnesses and they are both doing fantastic with them.  Han was pulling my arm off but he doesn't anymore.  Enjoy the pictures!

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