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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maggie-Lu (BRLA's Molly) Update (WBBR/BRLA Sept Run)

Yes will do right away and thanx again, the first day with Maggie was glorious- she slept with us last night, JUST tonight so I could catch up on sleep and she curled up between us on a little cat bed and slept till I got up, stretched out a couple times like a boxer does trying to take up as much space as possible,lol... tonight, the kennel beside the bed. Oh Sheri she is sooo adorable me and my hubby found us in moments where we were just staring at her like idiots while she looked back wondering why we were staring at her,lol... she is a little jealous of chloe getting attention but are tryinf to correct that as she growls and yips when we do pet chloe or anything- Caesar,hahaha, says to put a very short leach on her, like 6 inches and just tug on it and say, No!- cause if you touch HER it actually tells her the behavior is okay, but you probably know that, hahaha, well I am carrying on and will close- have  a great day! Andrea

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