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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ms. Kady is home in the Prairies - Adopted Sep 2010

I am officially in love with Kady and we will be keeping her name, whoever named her picked a perfect name for her!

I got Kady home, introduced her and Thor - she is not too interested in him right now but is stuck to me like glue! I fed them and got them fresh water. She does two things I never thought a dog could do - eat faster than Thor and make a bigger mess drinking!!!! She loved the raw food. They hung out in the yard and then I took them for a bit of a walk. She walks great on a leash. Man does she have a nose on her, she was snorting her way all over the house! She does not want to be too far away from me and when I move she gets up and follows. She will settle in but for now she seems very out of sorts. I took a couple of pics, they are attached.

Thank you for sending this beautiful little girl to us.


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