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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Louie Louie - What a cute boy!

Good Morning -

I just thought I'd give another update now that it's been almost 4wks since we adopted Louie...

First off - what a FABULOUSLY AMAZING boy we have! He has settled in great with us and is really showing us that he wants to be a part of our family by his good listening skill and wanting to please us by doing most things that are asked of him. He goes in and out of his "house" (crate) without hesitation and knows that we always come back to let him out. He greets other dogs on our walks by slowing down and waiting for them to come to him first. We thought this was best as we were not sure what to expect from the other dogs or him. Everybody that sees him can't help falling in love with him and they all say "what a good looking dog he is" - we agree! He likes the little breeds as they seem more ready to play, but is also comfortable with the larger breeds. He is faster than lightening when he is off leash in the dog park...I took him there last week when there wasn't too many dogs so I could see how he would react. Man...he is quick! He behaved himself again like a true gentleman and loved the experience but did not love the rain - he was soaking wet and wanted to get back into the truck to dry off. Although the dog park is not really my thing, I will take him once in a while. He is learning come and stay while off leash in the house and is really getting the hang of it. He does great on our runs that I keep to about 30 mins so that he will always enjoy this experience and not feel like it is a chore. He is delightfully laid back, happy and cool as a cucumber. We know without a doubt that Louie was meant to be part of our family. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience!

I'm attaching a few more pictures of Louie so you will know just how loved he is with us and can add him to your "happy endings" stories on Boxer Rescue.

Have a great weekend!

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