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Friday, September 3, 2010

Lucy Update - Adopted BRLA Aug 2010

Hi Sheri,

Lucy and I just got home today from Kelowna. She is a wonderful dog and is going to be a fantastic dog. She is so well behaved and calm it is almost unbelievable. I can walk her without a leash and she will stay right at my side the whole way. She had a blast at my daughter's in Kelowna and I am sure she did not want to leave but she is happy to be home with her new little sister Suzi. Suzi is the happiest dog in the world having Lucy here. They play and chase each other around the yard like puppies. I will send you more pics later. Lucy is just a big loving dog, she slept on my lap in my PT crusier for the entire ferry ride to Duke Point and she just snuggles in and does not jump around as she is very gentle on the seats. Thnak you for the vaccination info today and thanks once again for finding me Lucy. She is a stunning beauty with a great personality.


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