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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Owen (BRLAs Sumo) adopted June 2010

Hi Allyson,

Attached are some pictures of Owen (formerly known as Sumo at the BRLA) with us and Lucy.

Thank you without borders boxer rescue! We have had Owen (formerly known as Sumo at the BRLA) for over two weeks now and couldn't be happier. He has been a very affectionate dog with us since the day he arrived, he appears to be happy to be a part of our home and family. We walk everyday and he is very good on the leash as he always looks where we are, we take him to the off leash dog park as well and he is good, just gets a little excited to see other dogs. After a couple weeks we have already noticed a little weight gain and his skin is slowly getting better and looking good. He is very fun to be around and he always wants to be where we are. He has a very goofy and fun attitude with us as he will roll around all over us. He has finally figured out what a dog bed is and he loves it, we don't think he has ever enjoyed one before. He and Lucy, our other dog, still have some things to work out but he kisses her everyday.

Just wanted to say thank you for matching and adopting out us with such a wonderful dog!

Quenton and Danielle

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