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Monday, July 12, 2010

George Needs your help - please donate if you can

George arrived at the Carson City shelter in California on June 26th, he had no tags, no collar, no microchip and a very bad limp. Xrays were taken that day and it was determined that George had a fully fractured left femur. The leg was stabilized in a splint and there at the shelter George sat waiting for his owner to come and get him. George's owner never came and he was put up for adoption. Day after day this young boy watched people walking past his run and his tail would wag, waiting, waiting, maybe today is the day I get to go home. What George didn't know is the surgery cost to repair his leg will be approx. $1500 or more. He didn't know that the people walking past his run and saying "oh poor baby" and "oh you are so cute but your leg is broken" would not commit to a dog that required such expensive surgery and lengthy recovery right from the shelter. So day by day the people passed him by and day by day he just lay on his bed and wagged his tail, waiting.

Then on July 1st a couple of volunteers from Boxer Rescue LA were walking thru and saw George. Their hearts broke for this sweet boy. BRLA knew they needed a very special place for George in his condition. George needs a foster home where he can heal and mend, as he will have an extensive recovery period. WBBR received the call on Canada Day. How fitting to ask if George could become a Canadian on this day! Our hearts broke for George but we needed to contact our vet, we needed to find out if we could do this. July 2nd the call came in that Carson Shelter could not hold George any longer and he would be euthanized at the end of the day. Time was of the essence and without a second thought the entire WBBR team said "we'll figure it out". BRLA picked George up and housed him until July 11th when our team travelled to LA to pick him up.

Even through all the pain George has an amazing personality. He loves other dogs and wants nothing more then to sit beside you and bury his big head in to your lap. George is now under the expert care of our vets at Dewndey Animal Hospital in Maple Ridge where he will receive the surgery required to save his leg.

WBBR is thankful for everyone who helped make the rescue of George possible.

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