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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coco Living a Dog's dream - Adopted Jul 2010

Hi Chantelle, Coco is doing just awesome! We absolutely love her! She keeps us on our toes but we love it. We have had her out camping twice and to the river and the beach. She was lots of fun at the beach, especially when she discovered the little sand crabs. We go for lots of walks and she is doing really well on her leash(thanks to an episode of the Dog Whisperer)Ha ha. We live across the street from the kids school so we go there every night to chase after the ball, which she loves of course. Went for a walk on the seawalk last night because my hubby wanted to rollerblade with her while the kids rode their bikes but she wasn't quite ready for that. Almost a wipe out for my hubby, when she gets running on her leash she starts biting it and jumping up so we'll work on that and just stick to regular walks for now. We are so in love with her and so are my parents you just live down the street and of course are very proud to have a new grand "dogger". I could go on and on.

Take Care,
From the Glovers

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