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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello from Zeus! - Adopted July 2009

Zeus update:
I have included some pictures of Zeus for you :) He was finally able a few weeks ago to be able to be let out of his crate all day by himself without destroying anything! However, that was short lived LOL. When it was really hot, I couldnt really excercise him and when that happens he turns into a little devil. He went back to taking it out on my shoes, bbq lighters, jackets, anything he could find when he was mad that we left for work. He is back to his normal routine now though and seems to be doing better again. He absolutely loves puppies and small dogs and is very gentle with them. We have discovered that he is a tad leash reactive when he and a new dog are on leash together, but if I loosen the tension or drop the leash all together, he is fine. His prey drive is still high for birds and squirrels, but he is too slow to ever catch them lol. Someone likened him to a freight train a while back, heavy in the front with the back just following behind. And you can hear him coming from a mile away! He is also a very large snuggler and every few weeks will whine at me for hours on end (after feeding, walking, dog park-ing and doing his business) and all he wants is alone snuggle time with his mom. I will keep you updated and hope to see you at the fundraiser!


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