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Thursday, April 22, 2010

WBBR is Proud of their Hardworking Families (Zoe)

2 thumbs up to this family! WBBR is so proud of their hardworking families. They have worked very hard with Zoe to bring her out of her shell and make her a perfect canine citizen. When WBBR met this sweet girl in LA she was so shy, scared and timid. Reports say she is doing amazingly well and excelling in Agility! Good work Zoe & family!!

If you have a success story you would like to share with us, please let us know!


Oh Sheri I wish you could have seen our little girl tonight! It was our first agility class on the outdoor course and I was a little apprehensive as I had a difficult time even getting her on the field last year. Couple that with all the new sights sounds and smells and I figured it could be a recipe for disaster.
Well I left her in the vehicle while I helped set up the course(she could see me while I did this). When I went to get her she jumped out of the car and trotted onto the field like nothing! We did a little work on going over jumps and having them turn with us just to practice keeping them with us. Then we practiced going over three jumps and through a tunnel......she let loose and ran and ran....out the little gate for the course and toward the vehicle.....but she came back and finished her run. I laughed, she was having soooo much fun it did my heart good to see her let loose and have fun!! She wasn't looking over her shoulder as she took the jumps timidly she flew over them and through the tunnel. The coach was speachless, she could not get over the change in her. Next week the camera is coming along and we will have to figure out how to compress the video so I can send it to you! Hold onto your hat cause you won't believe it is the same shy little girl!


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