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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broedy - Adopted August 2007

Just wanted to update you on Broedy (placed August 2007).

Broedy is doing really great. At 3 he is a well socialized and happy
boy. His severe separation anxiety is a fraction of what it used to
be. I can crate him for up to 5 hours if necessary and he is
completely fine. He goes to daycare while I am at work and he is the
darling of the place. Apparently all the dogs want to play with him!
He is still something of a celebrity in the neighborhood and people
are always stopping us to pet him and ask about him. I recommend your
rescue every chance I get.

We are still working on a few issues as he is an alpha dog but every
day he is getting better and better. I couldn't ask for a more
perfect dog and I love him to pieces. Thanks so much for bringing us
together! I've learned so much about dogs in the last few years I am
even starting my own dog blog about owning an urban dog. I'll send
you a link when it's ready.

Bye for now
Suzanne Bryce
p.s. I thought you might like this pic for the calendar

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