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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Katie (Sadie) Update (Local Adoption Jan. 2009)

Hi Jennifer, sorry I haven't talked to you sooner. Katie is doing good. I'm biking with her sometimes to try and tire her out some days. I still have issues with her wanting to jump the fence if she hears people and with summer coming it is going to be a challenge. She walks like a dream unless she sees another dog but that is getting somewhat better. She has went at Buddy a couple of times but thats just from her getting more comfortable here and testing all her boundaries but she is understanding I am PACK LEADER...not I had a BBQ here yesterday and she was as good as gold. I got her Jan 26th, then got my friends dog 3 weeks later. My friends dog didn't go home until 10 days ago so for 3 months I couldn't put 100% focus on her but now I can. Buddy's legs are getting real bad. I can only walk him up the street a bit then back. He slips on the floor now. I dread the thought of having to make the same decision that I had to make in Oct. with Abbey. Anyways time to go bike Katie.

Talk to you soon.


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