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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Update on Mia (Local Adoption Jan 09)

Hi Jennifer,
Sorry for not responding, having a problem with email, Mia has not changed to much, she is still very hyper which results in a challenge when walking, I had taken her to a trainer her response was not to good, trainer comments were it will take a lot of time and patience or she may be the type of dog that won't respond, Mia is now spotting around the house do not know why, had her to see the vet she may have bladder problems, I have to take a urine sample, or it may be her hyper nature, sure hope we find the answer to that problem.
Any how Mia is not all doom and gloom she is an interesting dog which has become very close to us, we love her dearly for better or worse, I am going to keep working with her and as time goes on I think she will come around.
She is a handful at our trailer but hey who is to say that all the other dogs are not.
That is about all for now, I will keep you posted.
This is the spot for Mia, she is a true Seaforthite.
Take care, enjoy your week-end.
Wayne & Bev

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