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Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Susie Q

I thought that I would share a story. Last night I was laying in bed, totally relaxed, well into a book when Havoc decided that it would be an excellent idea and a way to show her affection by bringing to bed her latest treasure. Now this all seems innocent enough but realize that I'm laying there concentrating on the story when all of a sudden there is 70 lbs of excited boxer leaping onto the bed and myself. Apparently the landing zone was well thought out for maximum effect. The resulting impact of four paws bunched together on my unsuspecting body had a direct effect on my posture, going from a relaxed reclined position to instant fetal position complete with neon red / blue facial coloring.  I don't remember making any noise , perhaps because I was teetering on the edge of consciousness at the time, however after when the thousand or so stars that had appeared were finally starting to fade, I swear that I did hear something that sounded strangely like muffled guffaws coming from all three dogs, but then again I was probably mistaken as I happened to be making a loud moaning sound at the time. Later as I was uncurling from said fetal position, slowly straightening out, my bare back came into contact with Havoc's treasure. I don't know if I can adequately describe the sensation of having ones back come into contact with something that is hard, rough, smooth, wet, slippery all at the same time, it was kinda like bumping into an unexpected alien life form in the shower. After I was able to move enough to investigate this thing that had attached itself to my right shoulder, actually the things suction force wasn't able to keep up with my rapid ascent to an upright sitting position, I discovered a well trampled, well chewed (hence slobbery) and somewhat muddy gallon plastic milk jug. Plus three dogs sitting on the bed with very amused looks on their faces watching me. Later today if the swelling goes down enough I plan on getting my jeans on and dispose of any and all plastic jugs in the dog run.

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