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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures of Susie Q and her brother and sister

I've just spent the last hour and a half keeping Susie, Havoc & Chaos thoroughly amused. If you were to look in any dictionary under "Comic Relief/ Frustration" then I am absolutely sure that there will be a photo of Susie, Havoc & Chaos sitting there with huge happy grins, tongues lolling and generally looking very pleased with themselves. This morning I mistakenly thought that I would wash the living room windows not knowing that window washing is actually a "Boxer Olympic Event" that the spectators actually take over the event with all the gusto & excitement of a Mud Wrestling/Tractor Pull Extravaganza. The mere moving of a squeegee incites the masses, never mind the squeaking of paper towel on damp glass. The nominated "Dummy" (me) doesn't get to see what they are doing because of three heads directly no more than a half inch away from squeegee, paper towels, hands etc. All three crowded into a space no larger than a foot across, all the while balancing on the back of the couch. Now that I have finished my job (read given up) there are numerous recent "seals of approval's" (nose prints) where the three have done a complete inspection of my work. And now that the "Entertainment" is over they are outside happily chasing the Ravens about the dog run, while I'm sitting back looking through a well smudged window watching them.

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