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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stanley (BRLA's Scooter - Adopted from Feb. 2009 Run)

His name is Stanley. He is right at home and he and Bill are on a tear together. Randy, Bill's owner our neighbor has returned from his back surgery but cannot look after him at this time due to his immobility. Bill has bonded with us and Stan. Ive mentioned this to Randy and offered to take him. Randy has not said no and promised to let us know this weekend. I think he will say yes I hope. In the meantime Stanley is doing greeeeat but God does he snore. He is quite aggressive when he needs to be with Bill. Its a good thing. Right now they are having a siesta together in their crate. We will send pictures in the next few days and let you know if Bill is staying. Thanks we really love the little bugger.

Rick and Gail

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