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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update from Izzy ( BRLA's Bambi - mange baby making a fantastic recovery) Adopted Oct 2009

Hi Jennifer,

All is good. Izzy has not had any problems with the new ivomec. She seems to like the aloe. She had a bath and was good for it to just sat and enjoyed it. She is scheduled for a primary obedience class for the nest four Saturday mornings. They require the revolution. I will apply it early Saturday. Izzy is sweet and wiggely. Definitely full of energy. An hour long walk is just a warm up for her. The dog park here is mostly empty so she has had the run of the place. I just wish she would bring the ball back instead of just chasing it!

She has developed a small lump on top of her ear. Looks like a dog pimple. I think likely a small infected spot from the mange. One cat, Thunder, has approached within a foot or so. Izzy is interested and would approach him is she could. But she has been good at sitting while the cat is in the room. Our other cat, Iddy is not as tolerant and runs out of the room right away in most cases. She has twice stayed in the room at a distance, with cover, and watched Izzy intently. This cat has always been skidish, when we first got her she would not tolerate being picked up. She seems to be getting more tolerant with Izzy. She will take much more time and work than our other cat, Thunder. The darting out of the room does not help with keeping Izzy from wanting to approach her though.

So...All is good.Steve

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