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Friday, November 13, 2009

Update from Duke

Hey Kerri,

Glad to hear Daisy-Mae has found a good home... I will have to keep looking for a lady-friend for Mr.Duke! Here are some pictures of Duke... with his little bro, "Angus" (my mom's boston terrier), and some of him sprawled out on my bed with his yellow blanket... and some of him when we visit my parent's ranch... he absolutely loves that, and is getting used to the horses/cows/cats... but still isn't too sure when I ride my horse, he wants up too I think! Anyways, he is doing really well and has gained weight back to a healthy weight, has a great appetite, and is truly just an angel.Thanks for your help,I might keep looking on the website and bug you about a few more of the senior's status's.

Cheers,Jamie & Duke

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