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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Olive helping out in the garden

Hi Sheri

Nice to hear from you. How are you making out in the prairies and how are your 'Prairie Dogs' adjusting?
It is almost a year since Olive emigrated (ha ha) and started retraining my husband and me to be perfectly obedient parents!!!
She is doing just wonderful, with the only exception being that she is inclined to try to eat other dogs if she feels a little off her game. I just had knee replacement which has gone just wonderfully and will be more able to keep her controlled when that is healed properly. Up to now, I've been pretty limited with arthritis and a torn cartilage in that knee. Gives her a huge advantage over me.
Otherwise she is just a dear and is happy as a clam. Has a bevy of friends and some caretakers who spoil her even more than we do ( hamburgers for lunch, front seat of the car with the husband in the back etc). She was with them when we went on a cruise. She really missed them when we got home. She is reclining on the bed now since I am on the computer. Just came back from the dog park (where there are never any issues, surprisingly) and a few errands. Her favourite thing. Looks out the window of the car with an 'I'm Olive the boxer and YOU"RE NOT' expression on her face.
Cheers from here,

P.S. Here is Madame at the dogsitter's place, helping with the gardening!!!

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