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Monday, May 14, 2018

Is a Boxer Right for You?


The Boxer is an amazing breed but not for everyone. Please take a few minutes to read this short list to see if the Boxer is possibly the right breed for your family. 
Are you an outdoorsman? 
Boxers do not tolerate extreme hot or extreme cold.  If your ideal companion is one that hikes through the trails in winter for hours on end, the Boxer may not be your best choice. 
Do You Have An Exercise Plan?
What are your plans for exercise. Boxers are very intelligent and active so they need a good amount of mental  and physical exercise. Being a larger breed they are not able to get the energy all out indoors so you have to take into consideration if you have time to walk the pup each day. In addition the Boxer needs mental stimulation through training and learning new things. Remember, a bored Boxer can be a bad Boxer. 
Do you want a serious breed? 
Although Boxers are workers they are also clowns. Even those awarded Schutzhund have been known to give a good kidney bean when preparing to get petted. This can frustrate some owners and you must decide if this  is something you enjoy about the breed. This is a staple of their personality and part of what makes so many  owners of the breed love them so. 
Are You Looking For A Guard Dog? 
So many Boxers end up being abandoned because they are often sought to be a guard dog. Although very capable of protecting their family, the breed is not aggressive by nature and bad owners often cannot train them to be aggressive leading to them being abandoned. If you are looking for surveillance invest in a security system, not another living creature. 
Do You Have Children?
If you have children,  Boxers are a great breed. As with any breed, you must put forth the effort to train, train, train - but the Boxer is a great family pet. All of the Boxers I have owned have seemed to sense a  child is small and would typically lie on the floor allowing the child to be taller and play gently. What you must take into consideration is the time restraints and if you will be able to both care for a young child and train any breed of dog. 
Do you mind a 60-pound lap dog? 
For us, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Boxers are very affectionate and need constant interaction with its family. If you prefer a dog that is independent and often goes off on it’s own to play you are looking in the wrong place. The Boxer will follow you from room to room and can not stand it when it is not by your side. 
Can You Give Unconditional Love?
This goes for any breed and is a must. One of the most amazing things about dogs is that they are capable of giving unconditional love to their owners no matter what happens. You must be willing to give the same back in return, as this is what a dog really wants. 

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