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Monday, May 14, 2018



After reading all the information on Boxer's as a breed you and your family have decided to take the next step.  Now what?
Here are some answers to your questions:
Are there available dogs?   Many times we have local dogs available.  Either they have lost their home through no fault of their own or they have come from LA and are living in one of our many fabulous foster homes.  We also travel to LA frequently and work with dogs to evaluate them based on your home and lifestyle.  Our volunteers personally select your dog to make sure to get the right fit.  We always caution adopters to not get their heart set on a specific dog.  We want to make the adoption successful and smooth for your family and a forever experience for the dog so please be open to suggestions.  We are fortunate in our relationship with BRLA that many times the perfect adoption experience is through an owner surrender.  This is a dog that can no longer stay with its current family and many times is fortunate enough to go from one warm bed to yours.  These dogs do not make it onto the website.  Often the dogs that you see on the site are only a few that are available.  There are lots of great dogs needing forever homes.
What is the process?:  After you fill out an application, one of our volunteers in your area will contact you as quickly as possible, to set up a home visit.
  • You must be at least 21 years old 
  • Please familiarize yourself with the breed if you've never owned a Boxer before and be sure that they are the right choice of breed for you, as the Boxer is a different breed of dog.   Is the Boxer right for you?
  • If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a volunteer for a home visit.
  • We then come to your home and do a home visit and meet your family and learn about your family dynamics and what type of dog will be a good fit.
  •  If all goes well, we will then match a  dog to your family.  Then after signing an adoption contract and paying the relevant adoption fee you can welcome your new family member!

Why is a home visit necessary?:  This has nothing to do with judging a home, but more for getting a feel for how your house works and what type of boxer will fit perfectly.  Family dynamics are so important to making adopting a dog successful.  This gives us an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns.  By doing this we are able to get a feel for the neighborhood you live in, get an idea about your kids and their knowledge of dogs, to meet your cat and its nature, to meet your resident dog and what they would like and not like in their environment.  This is an opportunity for a meet and greet and having a volunteer help you to be successful.
What is the adoption fee?:  Our adoption fee's vary depending upon the adoption.  Please speak to your RESCUE A BOXER volunteer for more information.

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