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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spike Update - Adopted Feb 2010

Hi Kerri,
Just an update on Spike.
Spike has settled in his new home so well that it seems that he has been here forever. He is a great dog - very clean and polite. He sleeps alone in the family
> area overnight and is very quiet. I have been taking him out for the daily 3
km (approx.) walk in early afternoon when no other dogs are usually around. Spike is a very fast walker and I enjoy walking with him since I too get a descent exercise this way. I got a new muzzle that fits him so it does not rub against his
lower eyelids - the sore under his right eye is improving and, I expect, it may eventually disappear. Spike also has a new nylon merlot collar (that macho
spiked collar weighs a ton) and a waterproof coat for his walks in the rain.
Also, I sent in an online dog license application to the City of Vancouver and Spike should get his license shortly.
I don't expect to contact you again unless something happens to Spike which, I hope, will be at least a few years down the road.
Kindest regards,


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