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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Easy Ways to Help Establish Leadership With Your Dog

Hi Everyone!
It's so very important to establish leadership with your dog. Boxers are a very strong minded and often stubborn breed. If leadership is not provided to them they will often try and take over that role. All to often we hear people say they are their dogs leaders but then when push comes to shove it's proven quickly that the dog runs the house.

Does your dog bark at you because he wants to play, go for a walk, eat etc. If this is the case and you are giving in to this barking and full filling what he wants you are allowing him to take over a leadership role. Maybe your dog pushes your hand aside when they want to be pet? These all sound like innocent behaviours but it is actually your dog taking over a leadership role.

Some simple things you can do to help establish leadership with your dog:

At meal times have your dog work for his food. No dog in a wild pack can just run in and take it when they want. Everyone has a job and they have to be completed. Now I'm not saying send your dog out to hunt but do something as simple as make your dog sit. Place their dinner on the floor and have them hold it until you release them. Change this up because if you always make them sit and down before dinner you will have a dog who is running through the ritual routine without being asked.

Have your dog come to you if you, never go to the dog. If at walk time your dog runs to the door you catch up and leash them, then head across the room call your dog, leash them up and have them calmly approach the door.

Don't allow you dog to pull you down the road. Start your walk in a sit outside your home. The walks starts when you say it does and not when the dog drags you off your feet. Walks should be started in a controlled manner and the dog should only be allowed to forge off in front to sniff and smell when you agree the time is right.

For more information on being a strong leader there are many books and websites available.

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