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Friday, January 4, 2008

Pixie WBBR Alumni Update


Today is Sunday the 23rd of December and Pixie has been with us for only 6 weeks, but she's fit in seamlessly! She is 15 weeks old and growing like a little weed. We had her spayed on Friday so she's currently sporting a conehead and some pretty pink bandages where her dew claws were. She was cranky on the day of the surgery but after a good sleep and lots of attention she's roaring around like normal, conehead be damned! I am loving buying her new outfits, my favorite so far is her down coat with the fur lined collar. She also is sporting a couple sherpa vests and some fabulous high top pink boots. Ben and Max love her and she gives as good as she gets with the boys. She is the queen of the household! I had bought a whole bunch of Pixie sized toys for her, but she won't play with them, she wants to play with the big boys toys, so off she goes with a toy that's twice her size! It's quite funny to watch her drag it across the floor, she's determined to get into her bed so she can have a good chew! She loves to cuddle, you pop her on the bed and she burrows under the covers and is instantly asleep. House training is great, she learned how to use the doggie door in just a few days and now we have no problems with her at all. Peter has started taking her to work with him, and after a few minutes of ribbing by the guys on the construction site Pixie quickly wormed her way into all of their hearts. So much so that after Peter had left her at home with me for a few days that the big burly construction boys were asking when Pixie would be coming back to work! We hope you enjoy the pictures of Pixie with her new brothers! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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