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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Penny Update

Hi Everyone!

Penny wanted me to thank everyone who has been watching her blog and keeping up to date with her progress. She's greatful for everyone who has helped her along her path and now would really like to ask peoples help to find her a home for Christmas. She says it's all she wants, she won't ask for anything else, just a family to call her own!

Penny is progressing very well and today we started working on Sit. She's so eager to please and tries very hard to complete all tasks that are asked of her. With her training program she is now working off leash outside in the cul de sac and is allowed in the yard (under supervision). Off leash she is working on heal, come and an area command and doing very well. She loves to play and tonight our friend's brought their Boston Terrier over for a play date. Penny doesn't care what size the dog is, as long as they will play with her they are her new best friend. She would love a home with another canine companion (who loves to play, run and wrestle)! She is a very sweet dog who loves to cuddle at my feet but at the same time is high energy and needs mental and physical activities to tire her out. We would be happy to talk to prospective adopters in regards to her current training program. It does not take much to mentally tire Penny out but it does have to be a mental challenge or it will not stimulate her. Physically if you love to walk, hike, bike (once she learns to run with a bike), roller blade etc. this is the girl for you! She would also love dog sports, agility, Rally O etc.

Penny is very bonded to me and at this time I am doing independance work with her to help her with some of the anxieties that will come with her leaving us. We are looking for a patient, caring, loving, energetic, fun loving family who is looking for an active, sweet, cuddle bug!!!!

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