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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leia WBBR/Idaho Update

Hi Chantelle,

I thought I would send you an email to give you an update on Leia. She has really been settling in well. We moved last week to our new house and we can't believe she is the same timid little dog that came into our home almost 5 months ago.

We have been working with a personal trainer with her and she is really coming along. There is still some work to be done but eventually we will get there. She loves her brother Luke and they get along wonderfully. They now have a big yard to play and run around in. Her favourite thing to do is to run around in circles through the house with a squeaky toy in her mouth right after she finishes eating her food. She likes to entice Luke to chase her. Luke only chased her a few times and figured out that if he stayed in one spot she will eventually run by him and he can get her then. They love to play tug of war with the fluffy toys. We have had a few fatalities, but its nothing that a needle and thread can't fix! (the toys that is!)

The Christmas tree is up and the dogs have written their letters to Santa. I think the tree is going to be full of presents just for Luke & Leia this year as they have been such good puppies!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you luck, joy & love in the new year.

Jen, Matt, Luke & Leia

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