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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Roxy our sweet boxer/mastiff foster

Roxy is again available for adoption. Her owner has decided at this time it is not right for Roxy to come home so we are trying to find her a new one.

She is a very sweet and loving girl who has some anxiety issues. She is an anxious dog and her previous owner has been feeding it. She has come from a loving home with a single mom and her son. She was loved to pieces but her mom did not understand her anxiety and in trying to help her with it actually fed it. Roxy will need an owner who can love her but give her structure to help her overcome a lot of her anxious behaviors. Although Roxy is an anxious dog she doesn't need to be as anxious as she is. Roxy has been in foster care for a week now and is doing quite well. She is learning to stay in a wire crate when people aren't home, at night or even when we are home. She is also learning it's okay to stay in another room when we are home (behind a babygate), we are helping to teach her some independence and not to rely on us 100%. She is house trained and knows some basic commands. She is very smart and eager to please! She would love to attend obedience classes so she can learn new skills and help her with her anxieties. She is nervous of new people but this week has been introduced to many new people and she's realizing that everyone is just as friendly as the next. She's been in foster care this weekend with 8 other dogs and is doing very well. She's starting to come out of her shell and is playing with the other dogs. Although she does love to just lay down in the dog bed and chew on her bone. She has just ignored my cats. 8 months ago she had surgery to repair a torn ACL, she is up to date on her vaccines and is spayed. I believe I might have had Roxy listed as younger, she has just turned 4 yrs old.

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