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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Diesel & Muffet (WBBR/BRLA Alumni) update

May 1, 2007
Hi Chantelle and Without Borders Boxer Rescue:
Well, Friday May 4 will represent 1 month since Little Miss Muffet and Blink's Little Diesel came into our lives. We are so happy to have had these two rays of sunshine enter our lives. Thanks to Chantelle and WBBR and thanks to Boxer Rescue Los Angeles, Muffet and Diesel were matched to us, an a better match couldn't have been better made in Heaven! Muffet and Diesel are wonderful fur kids, and they've slipped into our Vancouver Island lifestyle with so much ease, it's hard to believe that it's only been a month. We went to our new vet within 10 days of arrival for a how-do-you-do meeting and an initial checkup. We passed our examinations with flying colours, both of them being very good dogs for their new pal Dr. Jeff. Thank you to BRLA and the surrendering owner Brenda for providing all of the paperwork for this lively pair, and thanks again Brenda for your e-mail address and the additional information. We had registration papers, health history, immunization history etc, all of which Dr. Jeff got a copy for his file. We then started on Advantage for flea and tick protection.. The kids readily adapted to our well researched food selection - Canidae - made from 100% human consumable ingredients with no glutens, BHA, BHP, or propylene glycol additives. Of course, it doesn't hurt that there's often gravy, cottage cheese or other nutritious additives on top! For treats, they get Mom's home-made liver cookies or the stewing beef treats that Dad finds on sale in the meat section and cooks up with a bit of garlic powder. And we can't forget to mention their love for the once-a-week omlette that dad cooks up for breakfast.They are still getting used to "kennelling up" outside to play as we have to build some trust as far as off leash on the property goes... When we do get to the off leash trust, it will be for purposes of supervised play only :) We'll be going to some obedience classes to help us with socialization and to "bone up" on a few of our commands like "down" and "stay", otherwise we are quite comfortable with our communications. Rescueing a boxer is a highly underrated lifestyle change. The joy that the dogs bring to our lives, and the joy that they must feel being in a forever home is something not easily expressed. Believe it that we are very, very happy - all four of us!!! Chantelle (WBBR) and Ursula (BRLA) are surely angels on earth. The work and dedication that they provide to save these wonderful, dedicated, intelligent and beautiful companions is selfless and beautiful in all its grace. Thank you to all who assist these wonderful women saving boxers. We will always be connected, by fur kids, monetary donation, by volunteering. Our decision to rescue was indeed a wise one. Those who are considering doing so are welcome to contact us as well at and we will be happy to provide some third party insight into this most wonderful of experiences. Thanks again Chantelle, Ursula, and all Boxer Rescue Saviours and Volunteers everywhere. We are all the better for bringing this wonderful family and kid loving breed into our lives, homes and hearts. Today we're off to see Dr. Jeff for a heartworm checkup, then we'll check out the Doggie Motel next door to Dr. Jeff for when Mom and Dad go away!Adios for now!Dana and Brenda, Dad&Mom to Muffet and Diesel Forever remembered, waiting at the bridge - Jackson and Jazzy

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