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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birdie Rescued with the help of some amazing volunteers

There are some rescues that you had to be there to believe. BRLA was there for Birdie, for as long as it took to catch her and will be there for as long as it takes to find her happily ever after.
BRLA got word about a Boxer on a golf course. The golfers were throwing her food but could not get close. She had been living in the wild for weeks in an area filled with coyotes and rattlesnakes.  But she was seen daily and she needed to be saved.
The first rescue attempt was on Sunday Oct 6th and Birdie kept her distance. She was only seen from afar and no one could get close.  She was obviously injured and thoughts of her alone out there were haunting and caused sleepless nights for all.
The BRLA troops were back out in force and on Thursday Oct 11 our volunteers were able to get close enough to feed her but Birdie was too smart to be caught.  Again all left without Birdie and could think of nothing but rescuing her.  On Friday more volunteers came to help and again Birdie would get close but bolt at the last minute.  It was heart wrenching to leave without her once again, but Birdie was gone in a flash.
Saturday Oct 13, even more BRLA volunteers came to help with Birdie. She had been living in a bramble of bushes, surrounded by rattlesnakes and was not coming out.  After exhausting every other option it was time for the bravest of volunteers to go in after Birdie.  Crawling on their bellies through the dead wood, leaves and branches, all the while listening for the rattle of a snake, our volunteers moved forward.  They reached Birdie and she did not run.  It’s like she had come to trust these people and if they were determined enough to come into her den she had to trust them.
Birdie was rescued. Her leg was horribly mangled with open wounds and she had large tumors on her head.  She allowed BRLA volunteers to carry her to safety.  When the local golfers who had come to know Birdie from afar saw her being carried they all stopped playing golf and applauded. It was one of those rescue moments.
Birdie arrived at BRLA late Saturday night and was made comfortable by Ursula who had not slept in days worrying about her out there alone. 
Her tumors needed major surgery to remove and her leg was so bad the infection reached the bone. 
All these things are fixable. Thank you to our devoted volunteers Leslie, Jen and Kerri who reached Birdie and to Ursula for NEVER giving up. Birdie is the sweetest dog and needs your support.
Please consider donating any amount to Birdie’s Medial Lifeline
Medial cost: $1400

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