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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bella Home Sweet Home

Hi Coralee,
Here's some photos from my cell phone… first one is Bella in our office (kind of fuzzy), 2nd is of Bella at our daughter Elle's bday party in Tsawwassen..Bella likes to hold your hands, she's holding Aaron's in the photo… funny Dog! 3rd photo is of her with all of her toys she's already accumulated! Such a toy dog( we bought her a few and then I have a huge bag of doggie toys in the garage…Brasco's old toys and she periodically goes in there and drags another toy out)….she has quite the basket full beside her bed now! I know dog trainers on t.v. say don't treat them like kids and they shouldn't have a mass of toys.. but boxers seem to live for toys! The last photo is a sunday dinner, Bella, Elle and my dad were snuggling on the patio lounger.
She's fit right in!

Talk soon!

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