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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello from Carley & Naughtya

Hi Jen,
Carley is doing fabulous! She is truly my angel. It was a tough year with my Mom, but when ever I need to laugh or take my mind off things, she's there for me! She also has a good effect on my Mom as well. When we're at her place, Carley shows my Mom lots of affection and I think it calms her some. Dementia has many side effects, and two of them are anger and depression. When Carley is hugging and kissing my Mom, she seems to be much happier and upbeat. Her dog is not a real affectionate dog, and doesn't cuddle much, but Carley will get up on the couch with her while we're watching TV and cuddle with her for hours...and of course in return, Carley gets lots of back scratching and brushing.. haha It's a win, win, win for all of us!! I guess another bonus is that Naughtya gets to go for nice long walks and runs while we're there, so she is happy too! Naughtya is very tolerant of Carley's clown antics, and shares everything with her. My Mom bought Carley a doggy bed for her place and now they even share that..well they try to! (see photo) I'm so blessed to have Carley as my companion, roommate, roadtrip partner, entertainer and pet....she is special and I know she will help me make it through this year as well. I adore her!!! ;-)

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