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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hats off to WBBR's hardworking families!! - Keep up the good work!!

Thank you Jennifer. Brigette was spoiled, and demonstrated both a childlike lack of patience at having to wait to open her gifts, and an enthusiastic show of her ability to open her present despite lacking opposable thumbs. Teeth and paws work well together. She continues to delight us with her affection and desire to be in the middle of all that we do. We are working on the challenge that she is presenting us off her desire to be aggressive with dogs and people we meet on our walks, particularly men. Trying to find some training for socialization. we have had good luck with introducing her to family members and their dogs (cats are out of the question). She is willing to accept them into her pack once she has been properly introduced. However that is not always possible on walks. SHe seems to get anxious, hackles up, growls, and a little nippy. We're are keeping her on leash and working at reminding her that we are her alpha people and will protect her, we stay relaxed, and when she does, its worth a treat.

We are still very happy that she has joined our house and thoroughly enjoy her, minor challenges and all,
Wishing you all the best in 2012 as well,
Dirk and Mary Ann

P.S. While I like to call this picture her "you want me to what?" look, it is her practicing her very total focus on her stick ( a look I am sure you are familiar with), while we force her to wait, wait, wait, until we throw it. Her feet are a whole lot tougher now, by the way.

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