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Friday, December 2, 2011

WBBR honors one of our hardworking families!! - Meet Reegan

WBBR has some pretty amazing families that adopt from us. One of these amazing families adopted Reegan. We would like to give this family a big pat on the back for the hardwork and committment for working thru Reegan's seperation anxiety. This family never gave up and continued to love and support Reegan. Thank you to you from the bottom of our hearts!

Hi Sherri,

Hope you remember Reegan. So these are some of the summer pictures of us out and about.
He is doing fantastic and he is a real sweetheart. He is very smart and athletic and he is growing more everyday. It took him awhile to really
put on some good weight and getting onto the winter season he even is putting on some fat and extra hair. At first I thought I had shrunk his coat before I realized he had just
gained weight. I had to buy him a new winter coat anyways.
Meia the little half boxer is deceiving with her size but actually outruns Reegan most of the time. Now that the snow is here his longer legs are a bit of an advantage and it drives Meia nuts being outrun.

He is very healthy and super smart. He knows all his commands and is a real gentleman with our daughter. All our separation anxiety has resolved itself now that he is secure in his surroundings and when we travel he also stays way more relaxed and will settle quicker as well.
I'm excited to say that I'm moving into the twentieth century and getting myself a cell phone with a great camera and look forward to sending you pictures of Reegan in northern Canada.

If you have any questions about him please email me, and thanks very much for all the support. Lots of people have been asking us about him. (They are quiet the good looking pair!) I let them know about your great organization and how great it is.


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