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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bridget Jones finds love in her forever home

Hi Jennifer and Matt, well we are home now. Our pup was a little on the sad side when she realized we were not all going somewhere together. We did join her in the backseat to warm her up on the ferry, something which seemed to cheer her up somewhat. She is a snuggler. Bridget checked out the whole yard, and has really given our house the once over, found the toys we had stashed on a table (seems to know what a frisbee smells like as she made a beeline for that), and as you can see, found the snuggly we had planted on her pad down here on the main floor. We sat down to watch a little tv and she just climbed right up on our lap and joined us in a group tube watch. Think we got a pretty good fit here Jennifer. THanks for the confidence and care you gave her which seems to be serving her well during this transition, Dirk and Mary Ann

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