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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dulce is home & doing well

Hi Jennifer,
It's funny that you emailed today, as I was just writing an update for everyone.

A big thank you everyone who made it possible for Dulce to join our family
Her name suites her to a T as she is a really sweet girl.
Its been 2 weeks since we brought Dulce home so I thought I would give an update and send a couple of pics.

First off her tummy only has 2 sores left on it ,one is taking longer to heal as she will get at in the night sometimes( she has learned how to take off her shirts).
Her seperation anxiaty is getting better she will cry a bit when someone first leaves the house (as she is standing at door whining because Rick is outside while I’m typing this) and will sometimes run around in a panic when she realizes you left the room but she will settle down now.

We have gotten the growl/cower by me when people come in the house nipped in butt. Thanks Jennifer and Sheri for helping me out I really appreciated how you took the time to respond and give me advise. She is not a fan of the crate, would rather look out the window from the couch so we are letting her do that while still trying to get her to like the crate.

Dulce can be shy with meeting people and gets startled easily by certain noises and movements especially around her head, but she is always gentle.
She loves her walks, is really good with meeting dogs . She only has gotten Alpha a couple of times. We have ran into bears , deer’s, rabbits cats etc she is so well behaved it’s a dream. Her and the cat are making friends ( cat is being a bit of a turd) and we have being taking her out to friends and family to socialize and she is a good girl.

Dulce is a talking, snuggling, sniffing , snoring , very messy eater, gas machine, (we are working on the food situation still) , and can give the stubborn boxer look to you like nobody’s business , all those great boxer things we have missed around the house in the last few months.
Take Care
Leanne & Rick.

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