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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Big Paws Up for One of WBBR's Hardworking Families (Bella)

Hey Chantelle,

It has been a well since I sent you an update on Bella, she is doing well but we are still working on Bella time which is to be expected. She struggles with social skills with other dogs when out (I think this is more to do with being overwhelmed in the outside world) and still guards our home in Bella style but is easing up on who and what she barks at! She is super funny! She doesn't quite lose it when she sees a cat or squirrel like she used. She sleeps on her bed on the floor in my room at night (baby gate on the bedroom door) and is kennelled only when I'm away. We started dog obedience last week and she spent the whole first class watching from behind a screen, she can do everything we learn in class at home without batting an eye and off lead but class is very overwhelming for her right now. This obedience training is reward based and not dominance based so she loves the rewards and will do really well once she feels comfortable, the trainer and assistant both have tons of experience with rescue dogs and are very supportive. It is a new concept in training for me and we are both learning together. I had my back yard fenced yesterday so that she has a safe place to run and play and that should help with her pent up energy as well. People are scared to death of her when we are out on our daily walks but she usually trots right past them, she does have a thing about old men with hats which is interesting. She is a work in progress and while frustrating at times so rewarding to see her emerge so ever slowing into the girl she was meant to be.


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