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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on Zoe (BRLAs Ginger) - Adopted July 2009

Our girl is definetly coming out of her shell. She was starting to play a bit out in the back yard just now. She didn't make a peep last night. Oz barked a couple of times but settled down.
I put her in her kennel this morning and took Oz for his walk. I think she may have peed in there but it is hard to tell. She is however showing some signs of being more dominant which is funny cause Anne said not to count on her personality staying the same cause there was something in her eye and the wag of her tail. Today she is sitting on command when I get the rollovers out. I gave Oz the command for down and gave him a treat then turned to Zoe(which I guess I have been spelling wrong) and she went down as well, so they do learn from each other.
We walked to the vet yesterday and everytime she shut down Karl and Oz would coax her along and there were not stops on the way home. But every time Oz lifted his leg she came along behind and squated it was pretty cute.
I just have to figure out how to get Oz to quit barking his head off when I have to get inbetween when he gets too playful with her. I'm trying to give him "a job to do" but we are going through A LOT of rollover treats.

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