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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chata (Adopted April 2009 from BRLA) and Frenchie (Adopted July 2009 from BRLA)

I'm going to start off by saying how much I love, love, love, both of these dogs. They are so special to me, each one has their own personality. Chata got along really well with him the moment they met. He is very puppy like though and for the most part Chata tolerates him very well but sometimes she has to put him in his place when he is too bothersome but he is a fast learner and tries not to be too much of a pest to her. I'm trying to puppy proof my place but he gets into everything lol even chews at any cords that come out from the walls ( I can see that being a challenge to puppy proof). Yesterday they both had a bath and we headed over to my sons place for a bbq. My son and his wife both loved Frenchie. Kahrinay kept picking him up hugging and kissing him asking if I wanted to trade dogs. Frenchie decided from the get go that he was going to be top dog in Dakotas yard. He confronted Dakota nose to nose then proceeded to attack him a few times, growling and jumping up at him. Dakota took this pretty well considering he could have had him for an afternoon snack lol. After a while they were ok to be with each other but they never played at all. Poor Dakota, he had 2 dogs over and still had no one to play with lol.There was a few times when Frenchie would confront Dakota and Chata put her body in between them when they got too close to each other. I'm still not to sure who she was protecting as Frenchie was the aggressive one lol.

I went to a few drug stores to get shampoo and the only one I found that would come close was Johnson's moisturizing baby bath with aloe vera. Is this ok? I also picked up Aveeno soothing baby bath treatment with natural colloidal oatmeal. Its a powder that goes in the bath and they soak for 10 minutes...can I use that on him? Also there are 4 two tone green pills that are mixed in the envelope with the red pills ....not sure what they are. Is there a spray that I can get for him to help sooth his skin between baths? His skin is very inflamed and warm to the touch.

I am sending some pictures from yesterday we had a wonderful time except for a few mishaps..Chata peed 3 times on their carpet again!!! she always does that. Any suggestions to make her stop that ?? lol and my mom was sitting on the edge of their glass coffee table to take a closer picture of the dogs when the glass shattered (we all know that could have been avoided lol)

well enough of my babbling...I have dogs that need hugs and kisses.

PS I'm the worst speller and I cant find spell check on here...hope its not too bad lol


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