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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dino Update WBBR/BRLA Alumni

Hey Everybody,


Josh and Lara here giving you an update on Dino, our 4 year old male Boxer we adopted. He’s great!!! When we first got him from the airport in Edmonton he was one happy guy to get out of his crate. To be honest he hasn’t been in it since. We have tried to put him in there a few times but the poor little guy just doesn’t want anything to do with it anymore. I think he’s just afraid of losing us and getting shipped around again. We have another kennel that is the open grate style we will try in a few more weeks when he is a little more settled in. His attitude is great! For the first week he showed no interest in toys, treats and barley even ate for that matter. He still had the happy attitude and showed all kinds of love.


Well it’s been just over two weeks now and he is back to his Boxer self. We have him on different food now; an organic brand locally made and his fondness for toys and appetite for treats have returned. What a great dog! The rescue society did an amazing job matching Lara and I to Dino. For the first while we never put any pressure on him to learn anything new… but now he’s quickly re-learning his favorite new tricks and polishing up on leash ethics. He’s been coming on hikes into the mountains on fishing trips and does great! Once we reach our destination he just lays back and enjoys the sun.


He is great with other dogs, he has an affinity for small white breeds but by no means is aggressive… a little forthcoming but not mean. He’s made friends with Buddy, Amigo, Princes, Scooby Doo, Ortice and Razor… other dog friends and he sure enjoys their company.


He starts obedience class in a few weeks. The winters up here in Northern Canada can be extremely cold so we are planning on turning the basement (unfinished) into a dog agility playground. Lara is busy planning everything already. This should keep his mind busy and body healthy when it’s just too cold for him to go outside for prolonged periods.


We are so happy to have Dino come into our lives. Our hearts go out to all the volunteers who devote themselves to saving this most amazing breed.


Dino is one happy guy!!!!!


-Josh and Lara.

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