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Friday, August 10, 2007

Roxton Update #2

My vet says this is a really nice dog. This carries a lot of weight with me. She does not say that about all dogs. In fact, not many at all!

Roxton is recovering nicely from his neuter/shelter experience and is now in my isolation kennel on our property at my husband's shop. He ate a GOOD dinner and is extremely cooperative. My vet drew blood and fluid off the swollen leg. She said Roxton could not have been more cooperative. The diagnosis says Roxton is weight bearing on the swollen leg drew blood for CBC and evaluation for transfer to Canada is celluitis. Treatment is two different antibiotics given every 12 hours.

My veterinarian and I talked for at least 30 minutes at my truck while Roxton waited patiently. Not a peep out of him. He knows. All things are good from here on out. He took his anitbiotic pills in some yummy canned dog food and is happily eating his kibble now.

I really think he knows. What I love is that this dog is so trusting and loving...well deserving of everything coming his way.

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