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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Effects of Dog Fighting hit home for WBBR

We received a plea late last night from an all breed rescue in Idaho. We have helped place 3 Idaho boxers in the past but this plea really touched everyone to the core. Roxton is a sweet 5-6 year old boxer boy who loves everyone he meets. His big brown soulful eyes have won the hearts of the staff of the shelter he was in. His big boxer heart had kept him from death row but that could only last so long. Roxton's days were numbered and he needed someone to come to his rescue. Everyone is full to the rafters and this morning we started a campaign to try and find Roxton a foster or forever home. This poor boy has been used as dog fighting bait and we all feel he deserves to know what it is like to be loved, to have a soft bed to sleep on and know he will be fed every day! We are happy to report that Roxton is now safe and sound with IDAWG, an all breed rescue in Idaho. He will be treated and then make the trip North to Canada.
There needs to be an end to animal fighting, this is awful! Although Roxton has nothing to do with Michael Vick's case, his case has helped to bring animal fighting to light. Please take a moment and send an email in regards to keeping Michael Vick off the field.

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