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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dino Still Needs a New Home

Dino is still here with us! This poor guy has had such a hard start to life and really needs a chance to start life a new with a loving owner who can show him what he has missed. Dino is looking for an extra special owner who can commit to training, socializing, patience and lots of love. He so badly wants to please but from time to time memories of his past rear their ugly head. Dino has spent his life on a chain, he has not known love or compasion. He was starved, dehydrated and covered in sores when he arrived in rescue. He had been tossed out like people toss out their garbage. Before arriving at BRLA this poor boy had probably never heard a kind word, felt a loving hand, or felt wanted.

Dino needs someone who can spend the time to build a bond with him. Once that bond has been established he is a very loving and playful dog. He wants to love and learn and needs someone with the patience to help him. He is doing very well with his obedience and socialization. With 2 young children in my home, my own dogs and others he just isn't getting the time he so needs and deserves. He really needs to move on, head home! Dino will continue with his current training and trainer when he moves to his new home. We want everyone to get the best possible chance. I want his new owner to see what a diamond in the rough this boy is like I've had the chance to do.

Due to Dino's background and trust issues we'd prefer not to place Dino in a home with children under 15. He is also good with other dogs but we'd prefer to place him in a home where he can be the only dog as he does require work to make him shine. We will consider adopting him to a home with another dog as long as they are committed to work seperatly with Dino and understand that this is very important.

Please if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in this wonderful young boy! Please send us an email or an application. I will try and take new pictures of him as the ones we have up do not do him justice, he really is beautiful!

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