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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dino Has Arrived

I picked Dino up yesterday and brought him home. Poor boy has spent his life living in a yard and has all the scars to prove it (concrete burns, fly bite wounds and calicious all over). His first Canadian home has done some work with him and we are going to pick up where they left off and continue. Dino will be starting obedience classes today! He will hopefully be joining a large group socialization class as well very soon. For now he's met a couple of my boxers and is doing great.

Because of his past I would liken Dino to a 60 lbs 8 week old puppy. Everything is new for him, smells, places, noises etc. He is quickly overwhlemed with the world around him and needs to be socialized with everything just as a family would socialize a new puppy.

He does suffer from a condition called Cherry Eye and will be heading in to the vet on Tuesday to have a check up. Cherry Eye is a prolapse and inflammation of the third eye lid which contains the tear duct. This condition will need to be surgically repaired.

This young boy just soaks up any and all attention he can get! He loves Connor (my 2 yrs old son) and covers him in kisses. This little boy is going to make someone very happy. He's a true diamond in the rough. He needs love and a family who is committed to obedience classes and socialization but he's going to be a wonderful new addition!

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