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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Checking in with Gretta - Looking good baby girl!

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for writing--I love hearing from your organization since you're like
Gretta's fairy godmothers.

We are all doing well. Gretta is currently asleep on the big bed (our
bed). I need to wake her up because there's a brief break in the rain and
we ought to get out for another walk today. She's now about 4-1/2, she is
one pound heavier than when we got her (her vet says she's at a great
weight), and we've decided she's fully a young adult.

In the past year, she learned how to fetch (she's still not great at it,
but loves the attention), slept in a tent for the first time (as it turns
out, she can sleep through the night anywhere as long as she's zipped in
the middle between us), and given my parents' retired greyhounds a run for
their money, though she spends the bulk of her time snuggling, snoozing,
and throwing her toys around (you remember how she can throw her toys so
violently, so we've gotten small, soft ones for her).

We're all very happy to be together. Gretta's a loving dog, and the white
tip of her tail seems like a little beacon of joy. We still marvel that
anyone could have given her up (twice!). Thanks for checking in, and I
hope you and your dog are doing well, too. I'm attaching a few photos.

brittany, michael, and gretta

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