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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Importance of Pet Insurance

No matter what insurance company you choose, pet insurance is a very important thing to have. Sure you can put away money every month into an account for your dog's emergency fund....but face it will you??? What if you have an emergency in your life that you need to use that money for? Insurance is a necessary evil. Yes you pay into it each month but if something happened to your loved one and you weren't able to help them, how would it make you feel?

Our girl, Leia got very sick last year. She was a perfectly healthy and normal Boxer age of 7. Never had any health issues her whole life. One day she had a seizure. Much to our surprise she had a stroke and the doctors suspected it was a neurological incident. To know for sure we had to have bloodwork, MRI and ultrasound performed to find out. The final test of the MRI gave us the information we needed. Leia had a brain tumour the size of a golf ball growing inside her little head. It was too large and was inoperable. We had to say goodbye to our baby girl. By the time we were all said and done, our bill was over $5000. If we did not have Petcare we would have been left with a large bill and no way to pay it. Unfortunately, we were not able to prepare for Leia's illness as this came right out of left field. One minute she was a perfectly healthy girl and the next minute her body was shutting down on her.

Think about have car insurance, home insurance, healthcare insurance, medical and travel insurance for ourselves. Why not have it for your pet? WBBR highly recommends it. Here are some links that will help get you started.

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