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Friday, August 26, 2011

Kali & Blaze a Match Made in Heaven - Boxer Heaven that is!!!!

Hi Jennifer

Good news it was not my bed they were in it was Julie's!!!
These two are now eating out of the same bowl. Both lick of the opposite sides of a spoon. I was told he has a tendency to bolt so that will be there first order of business to get him to come when called. If he is so attached to Kali it will be much easier. She comes at a gallop. They have truly had an instant bonding. This will make it much easier to bring Blaze around.(The grand daughter picked this one.) Kali & Blaze ----- hummm.

We will probably get Blaze to our vet with in the next couple of days. Is it OK to get a chip put in if he does not have one?

I guess I just got his seal of approval he came over and climbed up into my lap.
My yard has not had a workout like this for some time. I now remember why We had no grass. The family came over to meet the new one. Three grand daughters two boxers one Shiatsu and a very large bucket of tug toys and fuzzy toys. Everyone will be sleeping well tonight.

Have a good one.

Lawerence Julie Kali & Blaze

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