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Monday, April 4, 2011

WBBR Presents......the Bernie & Kisses Show!

I am in LOVE! I spent some time yesterday with Bernie & Kisses and WOW I'm so amazed at how amazing these dogs are. They are so well behaved and obedient. They seriously are like an old married couple! When they are sleeping if Bernie starts snoring too loud, Kisses nudges him as if to say "Hey honey roll over your... snoring!" and Bernie wakes up and rolls over!

Kisses is named perfectly. She does this cute adorable thing with her lips as if she is blowing you kisses! It melts my heart -:)

Bernie is a man's dog. He loves the big guys and just wants to hang out with you in your "Man Den" and watch the game.

What's even more shocking to me is that they are STILL looking for their 4-ever & ever home!

If you would like to adopt Bernie & Kisses please fill out an application today on our site WBBR

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